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“Firmware- And Hardware- Based Mechanisms Protect Data From Sudden Power Loss Events”

Engineers can check a solid-state drive’s (SSD’s) health condition using self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology (SMART) tool. If the SSD or data get corrupted, they can try to recover the data....

“The Automotive-Electronics Industry Is Moving Towards Being A Software-Intensive Domain”

Demand for talent in the Indian automotive industry is increasing each day. Tech giants are partnering to unite skills and expertise to enhance mobility of the future. One such successful joint...

“More Than Fifty Per Cent Of Searches Will Be Voice Based By 2020″

Voice technology, speech recognition and deep learning have changed the face of search as we know it. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Big Data technologies are sure to help...

Narrowing Down To A Particular ML Algorithm Is Largely Centred On Business Decisions

With artificial intelligence (AI) businesses can identify and unearth hidden revenue streams, run highly personalised campaigns at a large scale and garner many meaningful insights unlike traditional methods. Sudeshna Datta, co-founder...

The PCB Design Ecosystem In India Is Not Supported Adequately By Hardware Prototyping

With the increasing role of electronics in everyday life, the need for a reliable PCB supplier is critical. C. Krishna Rao, chairman; Dr V. Venkata Ramani, director - business development; and...

Constant Analysis Of Information To Generate Real-Time Insights Enhances The Value Of Data

Data analytics makes it easier for business users to interact, share and collaborate with data—which is the very essence of data literacy—regardless of where or how they work. Nish Patel, senior...

Sensors Are Enabling New Features In All Market Segments

Machine learning (ML) technology integrated into advanced inertial sensors can improve activity tracking performance and battery life in smartphones, wearables and game controllers. Vishal Goyal, senior technical marketing manager, Analog and...

AI Has The Potential To Effectively Accompany Human Decision-Making Capacities

Everyone should be able to build their ideas without needing to code, and it should be possible to convert any idea into reality without wasting time, money or resources. Sachin Dev...

In Storage Industry, Highest Capacity Of Yesterday Is Already Today’s Lowest Capacity

We live in a world which is run on memory and storage, a day without it would be a nightmare. Kingston has been one such company that has been providing its...

By Embracing Open Standards And Open Markets, SGET Reduces Barriers To Competition

As we gear up for the next wave of growth in the Internet of Things (IoT), importance of standardisation becomes more evident. Wolfgang Eisenbarth, chairman, Standardization Group For Embedded Technologies (SGET)...

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