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8051 Microcontroller Projects for Engineering Students

The 8051 microcontroller is one of the most popular general-purpose microcontrollers in use. They can be easily programmed using 8051 assembly language. Here we look at some interesting 8051 microcontroller projects and the MCS-51 family.

Interfacing LCD with 8051 Microcontroller

This project includes basics of interfacing LCD to a microcontroller. It covers basics including details such as circuit diagram, components, LCD pin description, LCD commands, LCD interfacing C codes, LCD assembly codes, LCD read/write operations.

More details on 8051 microcontroller projects available at: Interfacing LCD with Microcontroller

Put your own smiley on GLCD

The regular 16×2 LCD can display characters of only certain dimensions. A graphical LCD (GLCD), on the other hand, can display custom graphics. GLCDs are therefore highly suitable for mobile and industrial applications. Here we present a simple graphical LCD interface circuit along with a set of software tools using which you can display any graphics of your choice on the GLCD. Using the software tool chain, any graphics, text or picture can be designed on the computer and then transferred to the GLCD.

More details on 8051 microcontroller projects available at: Put your own Smiley on GLCD

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Moving Message Display On LCD

Moving-message displays are ideal to get your message (advertisements, greetings, etc) across in an eye-catching way. You can make an LCD show a brief moving message by interfacing it to a microcontroller. Here’s an AVR based moving-message display that uses a 16×2 LCD display incorporating HD44780. The 16×2 LCD can display 16 characters per line and there are two such lines.

More details on 8051 microcontroller projects available at: Moving Message Display On LCD

Fuel Theft Alarm

Presented here is an audio-visual anti-petrol theft alarm circuit that can help prevent theft of petrol/diesel from your vehicle. The circuit consists of transmitter and receiver sections. The transmitter has to be mounted in the vehicle near the petrol tap, and the receiver in the common room of your house. When someone comes near the petrol tap, you get an audio-visual indication in your room.

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Water Level Controller-cum-Motor Protector

Many a time we forget to switch off the motor pushing water into the overhead tank (OHT) in our households. As a result, water keeps overflowing until we notice the overflow and switch the pump off. As the OHT is usually kept on the topmost floor, it is cumbersome to go up frequently to check the water level in the OHT. Presented here is a microcontroller based water level controller cum motor protector to solve this problem.

More details on 8051 microcontroller projects available at: Water level controller-cum-motor protector

RF Based Multiple Device Control

Here we describe how to control electrical and electronic gadgets from a remote location using radio frequency (RF) transmission. An RF interface is used instead of infrared (IR) to avoid the drawbacks of an IR interface. Besides, RF has a longer range. The signal is transmitted by an RF transmitter and received by an RF receiver to switch on or switch off the desired device. This system can be used to control up to fifteen devices.

More details on 8051 microcontroller projects available at: RF based multiple device control

Microcontroller Based Tachometer

A tachometer is a simple electronic digital transducer. Normally, it is used for measuring the speed of a rotating shaft. The number of revolutions per minute (rpm) is valuable information for understanding any rotational system. For example, there is an optimum speed for drilling a particular-size hole in a particular metal piece; there is an ideal sanding disk speed that depends on the material being finished. You may also want to measure the speed of fans you use. This easy-to-make photoelectric tachometer measures the rpm of most shop-floor tools and many household machines without any mechanical or electrical interface.

More details on 8051 microcontroller projects available at: Microcontroller-Based Tachometer

Microcontroller Based Ring Tone Player

Mobile phone ring tones sound like real audio recordings. It’s not because of the way the melodies are composed, but the protocol behind playing the melody. The ring tone text transfer language (RTTTL) is behind those wonderful lullabies and songs you have on your mobile phone. Basically, a ring tone is the sound made by a mobile phone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Here we present a microcontroller-based ring tone generator.

More details on 8051 microcontroller projects available at: Microcontroller Based Ring Tone Player

Microcontroller Based Speedometer-Cum-Odometer

Normally, digital speedometers are found only in luxury cars and high-end motorbikes. Even if your motorbike has a mechanical speedometer, what will you do when it gets damaged? First, you need to replace the mechanical worm gear and then the cable. This project describes how to build a digital speedometer-cum-odometer for your motorbike. The circuit uses a microcontroller, an LCD display and some commonly available components. It is a better alternative to the mechanical speedometer and even a beginner with minimal skill level can assemble it.

More details on 8051 microcontroller projects available at: Microcontroller-Based Speedometer-Cum-Odometer

Digital Thermometer-Cum-Controller

This standalone digital thermometer controls the temperature of a device according to its requirement. It also displays the temperature on four 7-segment displays in the range of –55°C to +125°C. At the heart of the circuit is the microcontroller AT89S8252, which controls all its functions. IC DS1821 is used as temperature sensor.

More details on 8051 microcontroller projects available at: Digital Thermometer-Cum-Controller


Let us know if you have some 8051 microcontroller projects not covered here. Also, if you have some projects you would like featured in this list, send them in.


  1. Hello guys, working on this and need some help. Design a smart fish tank control system with 8051 microcontroller unit. In addition to MCU, the system should contains sensors to sense temperature, water level and water quality, it also has actuators of air pump and water pump. The system can be expanded with wireless communication of WIFI to have the ability of remote control.


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