Electronics Projects: How to Build a Lid-Monitoring Sensor Module

By T.K. Hareendran

lid monitor sensor system
Fig. 6: Actual-size PCB pattern of the lid-monitoring sensor
Fig 7
Fig. 7: Component layout of the PCB shown in Fig. 6
Fig 8
Fig. 8: Actual-size PCB pattern of the electromagnetic switch
Fig 9
Fig. 9: Component layout of the PCB shown in Fig. 8

Download PCB and component layout PDFs: click here

If the MCU unit is not used, connect CON2 to CON3 of the electromechanical switching unit. This unit works off a 5V, regulated DC power supply. Enclose both PCBs of the sensor module and the switching unit in a box.

Design Idea+

This circuit is ideal for applications sensing closure of an assortment of different lids and/or caps. Next example could be to sense whether the gas-filling lid and the gas cap of an automobile are in place or not. Demand for such systems is increasing because gas-filling lids and gas caps can remain open due to carelessness of the vehicle operator or of a service attendant. Any potential arc or spark in and around the gas could ignite the fuel.

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