Friday, June 14, 2024

Industry’s First Software-Definable Flash LiDAR Future Proofs Vehicle’s ADAS System

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The T30P is a near-field sensing solution suitable for robotics or industrial applications, it is fast, accurate and provides high-resolution data.

T30P module (Source: PreAct Tech)

T30P from Preact Technologies is a software-definable Flash LiDAR. It is one of the fastest Flash LiDAR on the market makes, making it suitable for ground and air robotics or industrial applications. It is based on the continuous wave Time-of-Flight (ToF) technique which enables it to work in all weather conditions and detect objects even in the darkest of the night or the most intense direct sunlight. The sensor when combined with image processing and machine learning can detect and track multiple objects simultaneously. The sensor has a wide field of view of 120° x 80° and a high operating frequency of 150Hz which makes it suitable for use in a pre-crash system to deploy airbags before impact even at speeds of over 150kmph.

Light Detection and Radar (LiDAR )is a remote sensing method. This technology has been widely used in 3D mapping, LiDAR technology uses the light from a laser to collect measurements. These are used to create 3D models and maps of objects and environments. LiDAR is one of the most common sensors employed in self-driving vehicles, this technology enables the car to create a 3D map of its surroundings and use that data to create a path for the vehicle.

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The T30P is a near-field sensing solution suitable for robotics or industrial applications, it is fast, and accurate and provides high-resolution data that can be used to define and track objects in all environmental conditions reliably. Preact’s TrueSense technology provides a wide field of view, even when operating at full frame rate, for excellent area coverage in a small, low-power package. Moreover, the sensor was developed to provide the fast and accurate sensing capability needed to enable pre-crash systems. At a max speed of 150 fps (frames per second), the T30P can respond in time even when the vehicle is moving at a speed of over 150 kph. This enables the airbags to deploy at the right time just before the crash, thus improving the safety of the passengers and the driver.


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