Monday, June 24, 2024

Sensor Combining Spectral And Spatial Features To Enable True Colour Detection

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Spectral S1 is a multispectral image sensor and camera module for mobile devices.

Spectral S1 features an advanced camera algorithm which enables it to capture images with true-tone colours.  

Spectricity’s S1 is the world’s first truly miniaturized mass-manufacturable multispectral image sensor and camera module for mobile devices. The sensor combines spectral and spatial features to increase the camera algorithms’ accuracy, enabling true colours through accurate and advanced white balancing. This allows it to achieve stable performance under uncontrolled and complex user environments. This sensor will allow smartphones to capture the real colour of skin tones and other objects, thus improving the quality of smartphone photography. It will also enable smartphones to utilise the full potential of machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications which require high-quality images for detecting any information such as detecting disease in plants, skin allergies in humans, etc.

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The sensor features the fuse spectral images and RGB images to create rich data in dynamic environments and enable advanced computer vision applications. The S1 sensor comes with applicable and optimised optics, a simple interface, a cross-platform API, and the required software stack to yield accurate spectral images. This allows for quick integration of the sensor into any application. The sensor will allow designers to display accurate colours in any lighting condition which was not possible with most existing sensors.

Spectral imaging is a technique that captures and analyzes the spectral information of an object or scene. Spectral information refers to the distribution of energy or light intensity across various wavelengths or frequencies. By collecting spectral data, spectral imaging can reveal the unique spectral signatures of different materials, chemicals, or biological compounds. Spectral imaging has a wide range of applications, from medical imaging and remote sensing to material analysis and food quality control. It can be used to detect and identify specific substances, monitor environmental changes, and diagnose medical conditions based on the unique spectral signatures of tissues and cells.

According to the company, the spectral imaging AWB detects illuminants more accurately in each area of the scene through its spectral signature. This allows the camera to produce true colours, thus offering improved colour photography, accurate unbiased skin tones and personalized cosmetics to mobile devices. The Spectricity’s S1 sensor will enable a wide range of new applications in the field of medical science, smart farming, manufacturing, etc.


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