Tuesday, April 23, 2024

YP in Space – A Step Closer to the Moon

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Each one of us would admit be it while watching the stars as kid, reading about planets or even while watching the movies like Star Wars or Interstellar, we have always had our space fantasies to know what is there beyond. The curiosity to know how the outer space is, and to find the reasons to the unanswered questions and to explore till where does this space stretch to has always been an adventure dream. To stop it just being a dream, and to actually understand the depth of space and have a clearer vision the IEEE Young Professionals (YP) Affinity Group along with iAIM have planned a dedicated session on “Young Professionals is Space” in the 2nd International Conference on Antenna Innovation and Modern Technologies for Ground, Aircraft and Satellite applications. IEEE iAIM 2017 is from 24th to 26th November at Sterlings Mac Hotel, Bangalore.

Young Professionals in Space (YPS) is an initiative to bring scientists, practitioners, engineers and leaders of the space industry and agencies in a single venue, discuss recent research breakthroughs, technical advancements, existing opportunities and emerging space technologies.

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This 3 day event will have over 20 sessions presided by prominent speakers from NASA, ISRO, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems and other Space research organizations. We have also designed a Bootcamp that will enable students to learn and skill themselves as the satellite engineers of tomorrow. It will be a handson workshop which will help students understand the intricacies and requirements of the modern space industry and also design and build a payload that can perform the major satellite functionalities.

The curated of speakers range from all around the globe who are keen to impart their knowledge and experience to the aspiring minds. Our speakers include Dr. Paul A Rosen, from NASA, Mylswamy Annadurai, the director of ISRO and many other experts from leading aerospace industry.

For the first time young professionals bring in distinguished speakers from different startups in India working in the area of space technology, advancements and nanotechnology. These are actual makers produce the small diameter Carbon Nanotubes, high bandwidth microsatellites and work on efficient Earth observation systems.

This would not just be one of the conferences that promise the moon but give you a stone, but we would take you a step closer to the moon and the space out there by explaining the Manufacturing technologies and their advancements in the recent past and give you a vista to take it forward to the next level of Space age.

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