Monday, June 24, 2024

4G LTE Modem – RS232 – SIM A7670C

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A 4G LTE module with SIM card socket, SMA antenna connector, DC power jack, and an RS232 interface. Supports wireless communication modes of LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/GSM/GPRS/EDGE. This board is built around the SIMCOM A7670C LTE module and comes with an RS232 interface. The RS232 interface enables easy connection with the computer or laptop using a USB to Serial connector or to the microcontroller using an RS232 to TTL converter. A 3-pin header also exposes a 1.8V level UART interface for direct interfacing with microcontrollers. Communication with A7670C is done using AT commands. Comes with a SIM Cardholder and SMA antenna connector. Input power is provided through a DC Jack. A power LED indicates when the system is powered ON and a NET LED indicates network status.

Features and Specifications:

  • Suitable for LTE and GSM networks
  • Supports LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, and GSM, frequency bands.
  • Control via AT commands.
  • SIM Card Holder.
  • Power LED and Network Status
  • Powerful TCP/IP protocol stack for internet data transfer.
  • Supports maximum 10Mbps downlink rate and 5Mbps uplink rate.
  • Abundant software functions: FOTA, LBS, SSL
  • DC Jack input voltage 7-12V
  • RS232 DB9 Connector interface
  • SMA connector for external antenna
  • 1.8V UART header


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