Sunday, June 16, 2024

Cost-Effective Solution For FPGAs With Long Lead Times

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The difficulties in sourcing FPGAs and the long lead-times associated with it is there for everyone to see. In an effort to help customers, Supreme Components International (SCI) has recently signed up with EFINIX as their franchised distributor.

EFINIX is backed by and has investments from Xilinx, Samsung, Alibaba, and others. With their disruptive FPGA technology founded in 2012, EFINIX has been delivering easy-to-use, low-power and efficient FPGA solutions.

SCI will now be able to distribute the EFINIX’s two major product families – the low cost TRION and high performance TITANIUM. With this appointment by EFINIX, SCI strongly believes it can offer direct replacements for other leading FPGAs such as Xilinx, Intel, Lattice, where lead times stretch to ~70 weeks or higher, with no compromise on performance.

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Bicolour LED
Fig. 3: Bicolour LED

Some major product families that EFINIX can support for migration include Spartan-6 (Xilinx), Cyclone 10, MAX10 (Intel), and ECP5 (Lattice). Why migrate to Efinix?

  • Permanent, cost-effective solution for FPGAs
  • 4070% lower power consumption compared to comparable FPGA models
  • Shorter lead times starting from just 24 weeks

These FPGAs are used in a broad spectrum of applications ranging from consumer electronics, edge computing, AI image processing, industrial automation, mobiles, IoT to more.

To capitalize on this opportunity, reach out to [email protected] and Supreme’s FAE team can promptly help you with design-ins or migration requests.



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