Sunday, July 14, 2024

New Generation of Conformal Coatings To Be Launched Soon

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At this year’s Productronica (Messe Munich), Electrolube will launch its conformal coating and thermal management innovations

To increase electronics reliability in the harshest of environments, Electrolube, a global electro-chemicals manufacturer, will launch its conformal coating and thermal management innovations yet at this year’s Productronica (Messe Munich, November 16-19). Protective solutions taking centre stage at the show will be a highly thermally conductive thermal gap filler suitable for a wide range of applications including EV’s, batteries and chargers to name but a few, and a unique two-part, bio-based conformal coating.

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Electrolube will also debut the new GF600 thermal gap filler, which is a two-part, liquid silicone-based gap filler for excellent thermal performance. It can be cured at room temperature or accelerated with heat. After curing, GF600 forms a low modulus elastomer, preventing the ‘pump-out phenomenon’. The low viscosity gap filler is easy to dispense and is soft and compliant for low-stress applications.

An extremely high thermal conductivity of 6.0 W/m.K and a wide operating temperature range from -50 to 200°C makes the flame retardant GF600 ideal for filling gaps and air voids,  even in the most delicate of devices with minimal stress. Designed to provide greater stability than traditional thermal interface materials, the GF600 can flow into all the voids and small gaps that are present at an interface between two substrates, allowing for minimal bond line thickness and minimal thermal resistance at the interface. GF600 can also remain more stable over many thermal cycles.

Visitors to Productronica are invited to meet the Electrolube team in Hall A4 of the Messe München, Booth 466.


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