Monday, June 17, 2024

Powerful End-To-End AV Set Up Over IP With Ease

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Enables optimised, reduced costs for solution providers while recognising the potential of IoT in AV Over IP

Zyxel Networks has announced a partnership with WyreStorm to extend the AV over IP line with the H.265 NetworkHD 110’s.

The partnership opens access to Zyxel’s complete portfolio of network switches with Networked AV mode, letting WyreStorm simplify the installation process and ensure seamless interoperability with smooth streaming performance.

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Zyxel’s recent launch of its Networked AV element across many of its switch families has boosted the simplicity and efficiency with which network partners like WyreStorm can offer AV system on a wide range of installations with uncompromising network streaming performance. Drawing on its more than 30 years of networking expertise, Zyxel’s new offering provides VARs, system integrators and channel partners in the AV industry with greater scalability and efficiency.

Although the migration path from HDMI-based technology to networked-based AV is not overly complex, installers without networking experience often find it challenging to deal with the dozens of network protocols on network switches. This results in interrupted streaming services for what would otherwise be a perfect streaming experience. That’s where Zyxel’s latest Networked AV mode comes in. Its simplified installation wizard makes these problems a thing of the past by setting up the entire AV over IP network in mere minutes.

To simplify network switch installation for AV over IP, whether for one or multiple switches, Zyxel’s specialised Networked AV mode integrates all the most frequently used features that are necessary to complete the job. In addition to the intuitive setup wizard, switch port and system information, bandwidth utilisation and power usage status are all graphically displayed on a single tailor-made dashboard for network administrators to manage with ease.

Gary Chen, Managing Director, Zyxel India, says, “IoT not only cut costs for end-users but it also enables a decrease in costs for solution providers. At Zyxel, we are recognising the potential of IoT in AV and with this partnership, we aim to provide cost-efficient, optimised solutions to the end users. We welcome this partnership with Wyrestorm and look forward to the long-term alliance”.

“We’ve partnered with Zyxel because their products match WyreStorm’s vision to offer Power, Reliable and Simple solutions to the A/V industry,” Andy Herron, Director of Product Development of WyreStorm, said. “With Zyxel switches as the backbone for NetworkHD distribution, you’ll experience tried and true performance and dependability. The addition of the new Networked AV mode is a game-changer for setup and configuration. It allows an integrator to have an operational NetworkHD system in minutes.”

Zyxel’s Networked AV mode is available for its XGS2210 series GbE Layer 3 Access switches starting from firmware v4.70, released in February and will become available for its XS3800-28 10 Gigabit Layer 3 Aggregation Switch in March.


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