Tuesday, June 25, 2024

SENSPIDER- Condition based Maintenance for Industrial Equipment

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Smart maintenance of your critical assets starts with collecting the right sensor data.
With SENSPIDER, our edge computing solution, you can collect various types of sensor data simultaneously and build AI-powered Condition-based Maintenance (CBM) preventing sudden machine outage and downtime.

Smart Sensor Gateway

Vibration sensors are commonly used to inspect rotating equipment within critical assets as the failure of such equipment appear as changes or increases in vibration. In order to implement effective CBM, it is necessary to obtain vibration data at high sampling rate, and to perform pre-processing, status check, and AI inference at the edge. SENSPIDER is designed to solve all of these challenges.

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1. Advanced sensor data collection

SENSPIDER connects to various types for high-precision analog sensors with no amplifier required, collecting data at high sampling rate (max 48KHz) from up to eight channels, all in a same time series.

2. Flexible support for sensing technology

By switching interface cards, you can collect electric current, temperature, and other type of sensor data in addition to vibration data. This helps you find correlation between different types of sensing data which is useful for improving AI model performance.

3. All-in-one embeddable form factor

Sensor power supply, sensor amplifier, analog-digital converter, computing, and data logger are all provided in one box. What’s more, it is so compact it fits neatly into a control panel.


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