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In this video, the author is trying to explain about microcontroller and its working. He uses various simple examples to explain the key components within the microcontroller, pipeline process, data processing, interrupts, etc. Courtesy: Oliver Simon  
MicroPython is a lightweight and quick version of the Python 3 programming language optimised specifically to run on a micro controller. MicroPython and the ESP8266 board compliment each other like a perfect couple and is a great platform for...
PIC-Microcontroller programming based on Mikro C IDE. PIC-MICROCONTROLLER TUTORIALS FOR BEGINNERS from vishnukp660
Mouser Electronics, announces the availability of the new Intel Quark microcontroller, designed for Internet of Things (IoT) architectures and applications. The Intel Quark microcontroller D2000 is a low-power, battery-operated, 32-bit microcontroller with a more robust instruction set than other entry-level...
A microcontroller (MCU) designed for development by software engineers is not a bad idea. Considering that the current system design team mix at many design houses has a good share of computer science engineers, this could easily bring down...