Industry 4.0 Can Boost Implementation Of Semiconductor Manufacturing

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Manufacturing semiconductors is a vital aspect of electronics empowerment that has not yet harvested the potential of Industry 4.0. Can they complement each other and help answer the crisis of semiconductor shortage the world is facing? Sunil Banwari, Vice President, Advantest Corporation, in an interaction with EFY’s Mukul Yudhveer Singh believes that this can create more jobs in the industry.

Sunil Banwari, Vice President, Advantest Corporation
Sunil Banwari, Vice President, Advantest Corporation

Q. Can implementing Industry 4.0 help us meet the demand for semiconductors, especially with the chip shortage in the world today?

A. Definitely! Many factors are associated with the shortage of semiconductors. For example, in the automotive industry, companies like Toyota have done really well while others have not. What worked for Toyota is the good visibility in the semiconductor supply chain. The automotive manufacturers usually buy modules from Tier 1 organisations, which are usually similar to electronics manufacturing services (EMS) families.



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