Monday, April 22, 2024

“Energy Efficiency is our strategic differentiator”

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Q. What technological developments has taken place with respect to improving solar cells?
A. We are currently focussing on crystalline silicon based technology for this and there is a lot of work being done with passivation technologies and new advanced sawing technologies to make the wafers even thinner. The different passivation technologies help to reduce material costs and also enable higher efficiencies is what we are working actively on.

Q. Could you comment on a challenge that you faced while improving solar technologies?
A. In the solar area, grid parity is what everyone is striving towards. Thus the challenge is not purely technical or cost. It is a balance of both. Therefore, our strategy is something that balances the two. We need material innovation which looks at alternate materials while making sure that they are not cost prohibitive. The other thing is how to innovate amongst those materials in how to reduce the cost or usage of the materials in creation of solar panels. Ultimately, it is a combination of challenges.

Q. Do you intend to increase your presence in India?
A. We have over the years continued to improve our talent pool in India and at this stage we are interested to see semiconductor manufacturing in India. Once this moves forward we would see a substantial increase in our presence.

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