Tuesday, June 18, 2024

“We are keen to market our brand in India”

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Q. Do you have any presence in India through your own office or partners?
A. We have three distributors in India. They are Delhi-based Ramakrishna Electro Components Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru-based Nu Horizons Electronics Asia Pte Ltd and Spectra Innovations India Pvt Ltd. Spectra has branches in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad.

For those who want to get in touch with us directly, I am the point of contact. I am based out of Taipei, Taiwan.

Q. Are you looking for partners, such as distributors, system integrators, etc. for India?
A. Nuvoton is seeking opportunities in three different aspects, industry, education and media. In the Industry field, we would like to work with design houses first, which will help our company to maximise product features and function.

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In education field, we seek opportunities to work with professors, offer MCU related classes, seminar and trainings.

In media field, we wish to increase media exposure in India by means of press releases, social media, advertising and trade shows opportunities.

Q. Are there any challenges that you have faced or you foresee in India?
A. The most challenging part of working in a developing economy like India is the currency depreciation. The rupee has fallen by more than 26 per cent in the past one year. This poses problem for our India-based distributors while quoting price to customers.

The second challenge is the wide spread range territory in India. Aiming core market and accordingly arranging logistics become a challenge when there are no clear industry clusters.

Q. Have you ever engaged in any marketing activity to generate business from India?
A. Nuvoton attended electronica 2010 India. Otherwise we have been hosting training seminars and co-seminars with distributors in India. We have also hosted webinars on request.


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