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“Our motherboard series is cost friendly and has unique features”

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ECS, the Elitegroup Computer Systems, was established in 1987 and is approaching its 23rd year of business. The company is one of the top IT manufacturers, which includes OEM, ODM and channel brand worldwide. ECS is strongly committed to develop cutting-edge technology in order to generate innovative products under environmental friendly designs. According to MIC report on 2011, ECS is top 4, based on worldwide motherboard manufacturer volume ranking.

As part of our series titled ‘Global Trade Opportunities’ where we feature global brands who are eager to do business in India, Anurag Gaur from EFY spoke to Karen Chen, manager, Pan India Sales Department, Sales and Marketing Division, ECS.

Karen Chen
Karen Chen

Q. Can you share details about your organisations’ products and services?
A. We have PC/Server/IPC Motherboards; Graphic Cards, Notebook/Tablet PCs; E-Book, Wimax Device, Desktop PCs/ Barebone/Small Form Factor system and All-in-one (AIO).

Q. What are your views about India as a market for your products (or services)?
A. ECS is a professional motherboard maker offering its services worldwide. We always follow the principle ‘quality is our priority’. In terms of quality and service, we provide the best in order to ensure high quality functions under severe weather conditions in India, especially the humid climate.

Talking about the product range, ECS provides not only cost-effective products but unique features for high-end products. The core purpose is to meet different requirements from the market.

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Q. Which product or service do you expect to sell more in a country like India?
A. Primarily, we have huge expectations from our motherboard series, which is not only cost friendly but has unique features for mid as well as high-end products. Besides, All-in-one PC is another core service that we see selling here.

Q. What is your current strategy or plans with respect to the Indian market?
A. Our current strategy is to move to middle-high end product segment by offering regular programmes and schemes in order to create more brand awareness in the enthusiastic market.

Q. Do you have any presence in India through your own office or partners?
A. We have presence in the country through our partner, Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai. For those who want to reach directly to the company can reach out to me at [email protected]

Q. Are you looking out for more partners, such as distributors, system integrators, etc. for India?
A. No

Q. What are the challenges you foresee or have experienced while dealing with India?
A. With the absence of our local office in India, we hear from our local partners that they want to interact on a regular basis. However, we have heard their voice. ECS participated in a local road show across India. Moreover, we ensure that we visit the channel partners frequently to appreciate their support, to hear their feedbacks and cater to the required support. India has infact become my favourite country to visit.

Q. Have you ever engaged in any marketing activity to generate business from India?
A. For the past three years, ECS has been participating in Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd CBF road shows, where ECS tries to penetrate the Indian markets. ECS H61H2-M2 was awarded as the fifth most innovative products in 2011 via NCN. We also held a Grand Launch of ECS Intel Golden Board in India on 10 May 2012. On 11 October, Modding competition was launched worldwide and 15 October, Diwali promotional program was launched in India. We have been constantly advertising in well known B2B and B2C media and even travelled for engagement with them between 15- 24 October.


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