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“We plan to enter Indian market with competitive pricing”

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As part of our series titled ‘Global Trade Opportunities’ where we feature global brands who are eager to do business in India, Anurag Gaur from electronicsforu.com spoke to Luke Chou, regional marketing head of Kaimei Electronics Corp.

With 40 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of electrolytic capacitors, and now as the operator of Taiwan’s largest capacitor and aluminum foil forming plants, Kaimei has surged ahead to become an outstanding leader in its field. Through years of experience and constant branding, Jamicon Corporation has reached to be one of the Top 500 companies in Taiwan. The success the company achieved can be attributed to helping its customers become successful. And by continuing to provide healthy relationships with customers, the momentum will help the company grow and manufacture better quality, use resources efficiently, and understand the ever-changing market conditions, according to Chou.

Luke Chou

SEPTEMBER 2012: Q. Tell us more about your products and services.
A. Our main products are aluminum electrolytic capacitors, AC/DC fans, aluminum foils and ballasts. We are gradually breaking into the LED market as well as it is growing at a relatively higher rate. We hope it would help us achieve the growth that we have targeted for this vertical.

Q. What are your views about India as a market for your products and services?
A. India has the second largest population in the world and even with the global economic slowdown, the country is growing at a faster rate. And we believe India is at a turning point of buying electronic products including TV from CRT to LED etc. Therefore the country offers a good opportunity for us to enter the consumer electronics market, especially in our E-CAP business.

Q. What is your current business strategy with respect to the Indian market?
A. We are an electronic component manufacturing company. In order to enter the Indian market, we really need to offer products at competitive prices. We are planning to sell our products to any Indian electronics manufacturing services (EMS) or consumer electronics manufacturing company in large quantities at a cheaper price.

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Q. Do you have presence in India through dedicated offices or through partners?
A. Currently, we do not have any direct presence in India. Our Malaysian unit supports the South-East Asian market as well.

Q. Is the company open to work with partners in India, such as distributors and system integrators?
A. Yes, we are looking for distributors to help promote our products in the Indian market. We believe this move would help us generate high-volume sales in all product categories.

Q. How often do you engage in marketing activities to generate business in India?
A. Unfortunately, we haven’t got any chance to advertise our products in India so far. But we plan to start working on it in near future.


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