Tuesday, June 6, 2023

R&D steered to lowering power consumption: Broadcom

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EFY: Could you talk about an innovative product or technology from Broadcom?

Analog cable is being shut off. It is going to get replaced by digital set-top boxes as per the mandate from the component. When you get it, the first thing to do when you get a set-top box is turn on the box and you start flipping channels because this is what you are used to in the Analog world. You don’t go to a programme guide, you just go flip the channels till you find something interesting. Two-second or three-second flip time is a common state-of-the-art in the market today. Broadcom has invented a solution for fast channel zap. We have branded it as something called FastRTV, which brings in a totally new paradigm to channel zapping.

EFY: Regarding hiring policies, do you hire freshers?

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Yes we do hire freshers here. We go to NITs and other good colleges and pick the top 5 or top ten. Smart B Techs and undergraduates are our primary targets for engineering work. For areas like communications, where we need theoretical knowledge and analysis capabilities we go to specialised institutions like IIScs or some IITs who have specialised in wireless communication and hire M.Techs or Ph.Ds from there.

EFY: What kind of training do you provide to fresher’s to make them ready for work?

Broadcom adopts a three tier approach when it comes to getting the fresher’s ready for work. We have a summer intern program, 6 month intern program and a on the job training before they are finally hired as new college graduates in to our company. While the summer intern and six month intern program is designed to acclimatize the students with the finite/ significant tasks which can be allocated to interns, which in turn gives them an opportunity to encourage ideation and expose them to the technology ecosystem, the on job training is designed to get them some real time exposure on Broadcom process, technology and systems. Technical Training is an ongoing process and we at Broadcom spend significant face time to bring them up to speed, once they the routine classroom technical trainings are done.

EFY: How many engineers work for you right now?

900+ engineers work in Broadcom India at this point of time.

EFY: How many engineers do you hire in a year?

Year on year this number would vary but on an average, we add around 100+ (including freshers + lateral hires).

EFY: What are the starting salaries?

Our salaries are very competitive and one of the best in the industry.



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