Saturday, May 25, 2024

“Quality is about making a product, which is robust and stable”

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Q. What are the software design tools that you utilise?
A. We use licensed copies as a lot of the companies these days use unlicensed copies. We are closely linked with Zuken. We use Zuken tools like Cadstar and CR-5000. We also use Cadence Allegro and Mentor Graphics Cards. Apart from that, for signal integrity we use Cadstar Signal Integrity SI verifier and we use Signal integrity tools from Zuken.

Q. What are the marketing strategies that you use?
A. We focus more on customer attention. 90 per cent of our business is repeated business. It is not the question of going and selling but it’s the quality of work that makes our marketing easy. The risk involved in such kind of work is huge. Today if I am doing some work for my customer and I am doing it correctly, then there is absolutely no reason for my customer to shift to anybody else. In case you are not delivering to the customer then the customer will shift very quickly.

Q. Is there something else in your field that you want to share? Anything that you think the media has not covered properly?
A. Media is playing a role in terms of making us aware of the new technologies through Internet and print media. The reason why we were able to make decisions with regard to setting up the plant is because the only information that we had was by the means of reports published in the media. So, the media is playing an important role not just in terms of what is happening in the industry, but also development of EMS sector in the country. It also helps in making the Indian manufacturers aware of what is happening around the world, what are the new principles of manufacturing, and new technologies across the world that are being implemented. So this helps our company, as the machines which we have bought hardly have any presence in India but the advantage that we had in getting information about this machine was that today we are competing with companies in the US.

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Q. According to you, what demarcates Reliant EDS from other companies in the PCB field?
A. Reliant is probably one of the very few companies in India which has been able to integrate PCB Design / PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly under one roof. We use our know-how in all the 3 spheres to ensure a high quality product is delivered to our clients.


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