Raspberry Pi – A Practicable SBC for Fuzzy Logic Applications

This article explains why single board computers (SBC), Linux OS and Python are an excellent combination for fuzzy logic applications. It also explores one such experimental application – Automatic Gearing System for four wheelers – and its results. -- P. Chow Reddy and Dr. R. R. Mudholkar

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Shifting gears at conditions where the vehicle is running in terrine or at high torque and low RPM are instances that portray the complexity involved in making decisions. This requires running the vehicle at lower gears, therefore consuming more power. To take decisions in such conditions, implementation of fuzzy logic is required.

Apart from this, driving habits differ from person to person. It is identified that the SBC needs to get tuned to the driving habits with respect to shifting of gears and perform similarly. So there is a need for the system to be capable of learning the driving habits. Large SD card space and fast response of the python program and file handling capability to store the habits while in learn mode and execute the same in run mode is possible in the SBC ported with Linux and programs run on Python software. Also new algorithms can be developed according to the market demand, taste and utility of the upcoming trends. This is much similar to Android applications ported on the device for a certain utilities.

Performance Characteristics
This article is the result of the work done as a part of academic interest in 1996 as a project for post graduation in Pune University. It was built around a basic microprocessor and was successfully completed. Fuzzy logic was also implemented to cater all the decisions to shift the gears. The concept is once again taken up to bring in versatility and flexibility with respect to precise functioning in shifting gears and mainly to project learning capability.

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With respect to the performance of the vehicle, it was found that comfort associated to the reliving the strain in shifting the gears was achieved. This feature has added life to the concept were the vehicle movements, take off, overtaking method, acceleration and responses at the terrine roads was mimicked to the driver habits.

This approach is most recommended in both diesel and the petrol engine vehicles as it continuously monitors and tracks the performance of the gear box to operate efficiently. The load regulation is tightened from no load condition to the full load condition. When it comes to the application of automobile, this system caters a smooth pull, fast take off and counters unnecessary burning of fuel preserving the comforts in the vehicle.

Dr. R. R. Mudholkar is an Associate Professor in Shivaji University Kolhapur Maharashtra. His expertise is in soft computing and heads the department. He has versatile experience in Fuzzy Logic implementation into machines. He has guided PhD students and research fellows in their academics and projects.

P. Chow Reddy is the Managing Director of Interleaved Technologies, Hyderabad and a PhD student working on Fuzzy Logic under the guidance of Dr. R. R. Mudholkar. He has worked in various fields of electronics and has expertise in providing design solutions in the fields of Power Electronics, Solar Power Plants, Industrial automation, Agriculture Electronics and Auto-electronics. He is also a regular contributor to EFY.

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