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Free Tools to Make Your PCB Smarter

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Whether you want to run your Arduino firmware or debug it, Simutron provides an integrated development environment to meet your needs. This electronic circuit simulation freeware lets you design as well as simulate circuits. Internally, it uses a Simavr AVR processor simulator. You can use Simutron for 16MHz microcontroller units. In particular, it can be used in conjunction with its CAM front-end to develop CNC firmware without access to the real hardware.


SimulIDE is a real-time circuit simulator freeware that supports microcontrollers such as PIC, AVR and even Arduino. Whether it is a small circuit or a circuit consisting of several nodes, SimulIDE makes design and simulation quick and easy for users. It comes with a limited set of features as it is intended for hobbyists and students who simply want to experiment with basic electronics projects. Check out the detailed software review here.

Circuit Diagram

Quite useful for starters and students, this easy-to-use open source program lets users make electronic circuit diagrams and export them as images i

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n SVG or PNG formats. They can design diagrams visually by placing components with the cursor. Component values can be modified using the properties editor.


Designers face issues in calculating transistor parameters like gain, amplification and biasing. What if they have a software that lets them calculate the performance of transistors and design perfect schematics of common-base, common-emitter and common-collector amplifiers using combinations of transistors? This freeware tool does exactly that. It shows the values of other components required to get the desired results from a given input data.


Microchip’s PIC microcontroller is used in various development boards. Gputils is a collection of tools used by PIC microcontroller for serial programming and reprogramming in flash memory. Moreover, it is compatible with Microchip’s tools MPASM, MPLINK and MPLIB. It runs on Linux, Windows as well as Mac OS platforms.


It is an open source, SPICE-compatible analogue circuit simulator, capable of solving extremely large circuit problems by supporting large-scale parallel computing platforms. It also supports serial execution on all common desktop platforms, and small-scale parallel runs on Unix-like systems. It uses a differential-algebraic equation formulation. Being SPICE-compatible, it supports standard analysis methods. Check out the detailed software review here.




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