Saturday, September 23, 2023

Audio Analysis Made Easy Using Essentia

By Jai Sachith Paul

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MIR descriptors. When it comes to music information retrieval (MIR), there is a good number of algorithms to describe the pitch, tone, rhythm, time-domain description, low-level spectrum description, middle- and high-level descriptions and SFX descriptions for short sounds, among others.

Extractors. There are composite algorithms used in Essentia where one algorithm can contain multiple algorithms. A few useful extractors, commonly used in the retrieval of music information, have been written as algorithms. We have LevelExtractor for computation of loudness of an audio track, tuning frequency extractor, low-level spectral extractor and many more.

A versatile audio-processing library
The robustness, performance and optimality of audio-processing algorithms bundled up in Essentia make it truly versatile and ideal for research as well as industrial applications. The software is easily expandable and can be used for adapting to the requirements of particular applications. The software is truly cross-platform, supporting Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, and is optimised in terms of the computational cost of algorithms.

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