Thursday, June 13, 2024

From Design and Simulation to Utility Software

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Promotic 8.3.21

Promotic is an open source SCADA freeware developed by Microsys for visualisation and control of technological processes in industries. It can be used by colleges and universities for educational purpose. The software can be customised to the needs of customers. Being a SCADA tool, it has several choices for communication, including ODBC, ADO, DLL, TCP/IP, HTTP and HTTPS. Developers have simplified the usage of this SCADA software so that users can work on it using several databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Access and dbase. This enhanced version includes a rich library of graphic items created using SVG, BMP, PNG and JPG formats.

Circuitmod 2.7

Believed to be the future of JAVA circuit simulator, this open source software tool extends the capacity of original Falstad’s JAVA simulator to chips, LED arrays and PIC programming. It simplifies circuits with features such as TTL and CMOS chips, LED matrix, analogue circuits and PIC programming.

Bodhi Linux 4.3.1

This Linux distribution is meant for minimalism, resource efficiency and user choice. Users can make desired choices in their applications using features such as ePad (text editor), PCManFM (file manager), ePhoto (image viewer), Midori (web browser), Terminology (terminal emulator) and eepDater (system updater).

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EmEditor 17.1.2

EmEditor text editor for Windows is generally preferred due to its lightweight, extensibility and versatility. It supports powerful macros, unicode and very large files. It is available on both 32-bit as well as 64-bit ground. The 64-bit version works around 16 to 74 per cent faster than 32-bit ground. Claimed to be the world’s fastest text editor for Windows, the EmEditor software is a boon to all-be it HTML designers, programmers or editors.


Chrome is an open source browsing tool that helps users with safe, fast and reliable setup on the Web. The site consists of design documents and testing information, which help users to build and work with the Chromium source code effectively. Chromium also helps testers with quality-related documentation. It claims to connect with any member of the team in case of a security issue. Besides, it has separate sections on security, privacy and issue tracking.


The Opera version 47.0 is believed to be an exceptional performer. From speed dialling to discover, stash to search or the new look segment, all have been enhanced in this version. Opera’s popular shortcuts page has been refreshed to make the work easier in this upgrade. With discover feature, you get fresh content/news directly from any region or country. Stash allows you to take a screenshot of the page you are visiting; you just need to click heart icon in the address bar to save the website in the stash area.

Search option has been broadened by directly combining the address and search bars. Red UI elements in high-DPI issues are also fixed.

Atom Text Editor

Atom is said to be a hackable text editor of this century. From opening a project to installing a package, choosing a theme for customising the styling to adding a snippet and learning keyboard shortcuts, it helps to execute all these functions.



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