Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Multi-Level Neuronal Simulation Using iqr

Jai Sachith Paul

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The behavioural task assigned to this robot was to explore the environment while searching for the target stimulus and return to the point of departure upon either finding the target stimulus or while exceeding a given duration threshold of the exploration phase. The current understanding of the neuronal organisation of the foraging behaviour in insects is incorporated in the model.


The system that was developed was large-scale, comprising 132 groups of neurons organised into 30 processes. The organisation of this model is supported by iqr.

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iqr is a very useful simulation environment for large-scale neuronal systems. The software is an outcome of extensive research being done to sort out the challenges faced by engineers, while trying to understand neuronal systems, especially for constructing artificial brain-like systems. If you are looking for a really simple and easy-to-use neural simulator, iqr could be the ideal one for you.

The author works at EFY



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