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SYMICA FE: A Custom IC Design Toolkit

SYMICA FE: A Custom IC Design Toolkit
Fig. 2: Use-friendly GUI

Why Symica
The main advantage of Symica over its full-featured competitors would be its pricing factor. While the cost of buying a custom IC design suite can be pretty high, the Symica FE is available for free. For additional functionalities, such as support for mixed signal features, unlimited number of devices, threads and Verilog-A model parameters, full version of Symica can be purchased at an affordable and flexible pricing scheme.


Fig. 4: Symica supports Verilog-A models

Though Qucs and Ngspice are open source projects, they are not straight-forward for compiling and simulating the Verilog-A models. Regardless of the zero or low pricing, Symica offers the user with easy user interface, high performance, high accuracy, advanced features and industry standards comparable to other top-notch tools.

Compatibility with industry standards
Symica is compatible with the industry-standard formats (HSPICE and Spectre) for netlists, models and analysis features. It allows for the import of SKILL format files (file extension *.il) of Cadence Design System, Inc. Accuracy for critical analogue circuits is achieved using a set of numerical methods and models that produce results similar to those of industry-proven standards. The software is available for both Linux and Windows platforms.

Technical support
An updated version of the software is published every few months. Visit the company’s website to request a trial version or order a full package of this software. Technical support can be obtained from the website for licenced users. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected]

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Want to help Symica beta test. You can be a beta tester by contacting them via e-mail. Symica services are also available on social networking services such as Twitter ( and LinkedIn ( Users can register on the company’s website with their e-mail IDs to receive monthly SYMICA custom IC design toolkit newsletter in their inbox.

Cadre Design Systems is the sales partner of Symica in India. You can visit their website or send an e-mail to [email protected] for support.

The software provided with the DVD is Symica Free Edition (Symica FE). This is licenced for personal, noncommercial and nonprofit use, and is intended for research and educational purpose.

Free edition can simulate only up to 300 devices, 10 Verilog-A model parameters and does not offer support for mixed signal features. But this edition does not require any registration and can even be downloaded directly from their site.

Academic licence is available for universities and other educational institutions. Basic, AMS or full licence should be obtained for other commercial uses. A 30-day trial license is also available.

Download software: click here

The author is a technical correspondent at EFY