Saturday, April 20, 2024

JOB: Embedded Engineers At Zenatix Solutions

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Zenatix Solutions is looking for a passionate embedded person to lead the embedded team.

What you will get

  1. Continue to be an individual contributor
  2. Lead a small team of passionate embedded folks
  3. Participate in creating a vision for where the product should go
  4. Be part of the exciting new technologies in the IoT space e.g. OpenThread Wireless (also part of Project Matter), plug and play data models etc.

We have 70k+ end nodes, deployed across 200+ cities in India pushing 200 million+ data points every day. This is the kind of scale you will start off with and the ambition is to grow 100x from here.


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Location: Gurugram

Company: Zenatix Solutions

If you are interested, please Direct Message Amarjeet Singh, CTO @ Zenatix (A Hero Electronix Venture) on LinkedIn.



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