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Hardware Layout Engineer At HELLA

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Location: Gurugram

Company: HELLA

Job Objective

  • Managing data, preparing & updating circuit diagrams, bill of materials, layouts including the necessary documentation

Tasks / Area of Responsibility

(A. Preparing, Detailing)

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  • Preparing circuit diagrams
  • Preparing circuit diagrams & layout symbols if necessary

(B. Bills Of Material / Data Management)

  • Managing & versioning data, as well as updating circuit diagrams, bill of material, layouts, including the necessary documentation

(C. Drawing Up, Calculating, Testing)

  • Carrying out the tests/investigations and calculations necessary according to general instructions
  • Processing detailed technical questions about the solution concepts and discussing detailed solutions with those internal positions involved
  • Preparing the development task clarified by superior positions in terms of functional, economic and scheduling aspects, taking into account prescribed internal guidelines and instructions, as well as legal and safety-related requirements
  • Involvement in the drawing up of solution concepts for development tasks, taking into account quality standards, rational methods, internal and external regulations and new technologies
  • Preparing PCB layouts on the basis of prescribed tasks, taking into account functional conditions, quality standards, rational methods and internal and external regulations and/or photometric/opto-mechanical documents into account for PCB production
  • Testing the components used for design usability, indicating alternative possibilities if necessary
  • Carrying out/organizing data exchange (e.g. CAD data transfer) with internal and external positions

(D. Analyzing, informing, agreeing)

  • Informing superior positions if any deviations from the target agreements occur (deadlines, expense etc.), indicating existing alternatives if appropriate
  • Agreeing and clarifying tasks, technical implementation and documentation with internal and external positions
  • Performing other tasks related to this position ((Including examining, as well as complying with industrial safety and environmental protection measures pertaining to the scope of duties).

Your Qualifications

  • BE / B. Tech / Diploma in Electronics / Electronics & Communication / Industrial Electronics / Electrical / Electrical & Electronics
  • 3 – 5 years of experience in Automotive Product development Industry
  • Strong knowledge of electronic components, basic knowledge of SMT line process
  • Expert in inspection of PCB
  • Good experience in soldering of SMT &TH components
  • Knowledge of Schematic design
  • Good in Communication (English, Hindi – both written and spoken)
  • Female candidate is preferred.


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