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JOB: Embedded Engineer At Grand Dairy Tech

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About Us

Grand Dairy Tech, a Humawings Pvt. Ltd. brand solely focused on alienating the lives of dairy farmers has collaborated with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute since 2019. Our product Estrotell – An ioT-based real-time health monitoring system for cows is a patented technology used for heat detection for dairy cattle. The product is used along with a mobile-based app that enables dairy farmers to monitor their farm cattle’s activities and takes precautionary measures according to the various stages of the cattle’s pregnancy cycle. Thus, it ensures an optimal artificial insemination process and takes care of the complete breeding cycle in cattle, making the farmer’s life easier in managing the health of farm animals. Further, our product DairySaathi (https://dairysaathi.com) enables a farmer to directly sell dairy farm products to customers, cutting out the middleman to yield more earnings from his dairy business.

Job Description

As a full-time embedded software engineer, you will be working closely with the software and hardware development of IoT sensor networks for our product Estrotell.

Required Skills:

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  • 2+ yrs of industry experience developing firmware for commercial IoT products.
    Proficiency in C/C++
  • Thorough understanding of parallel programming concepts like threads, locks, concurrency, etc.
  • Experience with programming embedded devices using an RTOS like Free RTOS, MBED OS, or Zephyr OS.
  • Understanding of computer networking, RF stack, and transmission modules.
  • Proficiency with OOPS principles in any programming language
  • Ability to write clean code w.r.t time-complexity, and memory-management.

Nice to haves:

  • Experience with low-power communication technology like LoRa, NB-IoT, etc.
  • Experience with battery-power sensor networks for battery and power management.

Salary range: 50K-100K/month + ESOPs + Joining Bonus up to 50K.


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Location: New Delhi

Company: Grand Dairy Tech

Please email your resume to [email protected] and copy it to [email protected]


  • Ensure that your resume is in PDF format and has a proper filename
  • 2019 or later graduates need not apply for this position




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