Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Implementation Engineer At ARM

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: ARM

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Role Overview

Do you want to shape the future of chip design? In the Systems group at Arm, we’re looking for an experienced physical implementation engineer to join our team in a multi-faceted and diverse role!

As an implementation engineer, you’ll be helping to optimize the power, performance and cohesiveness of Arm’s solutions, while also evolving our next generation of implementation flows. You’ll wield influence over the development of EDA tools and contribute to building cutting edge development platforms to showcase Arm IP in silicon.

Within our team, we work with multiple divisions within Arm to steer product direction, define high quality standards and help drive partner success. We use our keen analytical skills and effective communication to provide solutions to a wide range of problems in the physical design space.


  • Ensure that physical implementation can be carried out successfully for our system IP
    Deliver accurate results across a range of technology nodes to demonstrate the best of our designs
  • Collaborate with our chip design partners to support their physical implementation success
  • Develop and deploy new methodologies to improve implementation efficiency and results
  • Convert ground-breaking R&D concepts into real implementation solutions

Required skills and experience

  • A STEM degree in a relevant field, such as electronics engineering or computer science
  • Ample experience of diverse physical implementation work, covering the whole RTL to GDS2 design flow, preferably including a chip tapeout
  • The ability to analyse problems, reason logically about solutions and chart the appropriate course to take
  • Experience in architecting and embracing new silicon implementation techniques and methodologies
  • Be able dream big, explore new ideas and communicate them effectively
  • Algorithmic thinking, with well-tested programming ability in Tcl, Make and Linux shell
    ‘Nice to have’ skills and experience:
  • Knowledge of microprocessor architecture, Arm IP and Arm-based SoCs
  • Past experience with programming languages for data processing and presentation – along the lines of Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, MatLab
  • Experience with RTL design in an HDL such as Verilog, SystemVerilog or VHDL
  • Experience with low power design techniques – clock and power gating, voltage/frequency scaling, retention
  • Understanding of power delivery and experience of static and dynamic IR-drop analysis
  • Experience of physical verification (LVS and DRC) flows
  • Experience with ATPG tools and/or production testing


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