JOB: Robotics Engineer At Doozy Robotics In Chennai


Job Description

  1. Research, develop, modify, analyze and evaluate robotic technology, systems, prototyping.
  2. Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation, and performance of mechatronic systems.
  3. Design or program automated robotic systems to improve/increase production volume, precision, quality, and speed in manufacturing operations, reducing waste and costs.
  4. Integrate robotics with peripherals, such as controllers, sensors, and other equipment.
  5. Build, configure, install, calibrate, and test robotic applications.
  6. Provide technical support for robotic systems, investigating hardware failures or unexpected problems.

Job Requirement

  1. Prior experience with AMR / AGV / Sorting Robots.
  2. Excellent in Python, Django, and C++.
  3. Experience with Linux/Ubuntu OS.
  4. Experience with SLAM algorithms.
  5. Experience using ROS Navigation Stack & Fleet management would be an advantage.
  6. Strong experience in Robot Operating System (ROS)
  7. Skilled in general software development, bug analysis, and fixing.
  8. Good capability to understand overall system architecture.


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