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Embedded Hardware Engineer At Rug Rel

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Position: Embedded Hardware Engineer

Employment Type: Full Time

Permanent/Education: BE in E&C/TE/E&E/

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Exp: 3 to 5 years

Duties and responsibilities

The candidate should be able to

  • Design Boards with FPGA, Digital and Mixed Signals
  • Design Board Power distribution with PMIC, DC – DC Switching regulators and LDO
  • Interact with Layout Designers for Component logical placement, Power Plane creation, and PCB Designing
  • Co – ordinate with PCB and mechanical CAD for EMI/EMC and Enclosure Design
  • Perform Signal integrity, thermal and power Integrity, safety Analysis
  • Interact with FPGA design Engineers for Pin Mapping, Validation, Power Estimations
  • Coordinate with Vendor for PCB CAD, FAB and Assembly and Certification

Mandatory Technical Skills set

The candidate should be able to

  • Prepare schematics with Cadence or Altium
  • Design and Test Boards with Intel, Atmel, Microblaze, Power PC (Xilinx), NIOS II, ARM Cortex A9 (Altera)
  • Test IC, UART, RS 422/485, Ethernet, USB, SD, uSD, DDR, SRAM, Flash
  • Design and Test Boards with Wifi, BT and LoRa
  • Program and Debug Boards with Digital Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers


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