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My Journey: Life of a Design Engineer

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I had a sharp memory and loved to play with numbers. So I decided to go for graduation in engineering. Since then my life has taken a 360-degree turn. Here I share with you my professional journey full of challenges and successes, credits and inspirations

I started with Philips in the year 2004 as a graduate engineer trainee and since then I have never looked back. Smart work, positive attitude and willingness to take the initiative propelled me to the position of a manager within a span of eight years.

The four-month-long Shanghai project in the initial phase of my career helped me shape mentally. It was there where I utilised my time and grew up. Being a design engineer was never so interesting, as my Chinese colleagues taught me a lot.

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Self-belief that I could steer a team on my terms and conditions, and that I could be a credit to any company I work with, helped me to take another big leap in the year 2014, when I switched to Panasonic as a senior manager with a large team under me.

The vision to get ahead and live a great lifestyle always pushed the inner me to learn every day. My inspiration was Sudhajit, my boss in Philips, whose agreeable personality and soft-skills persuaded me to follow him initially. I had seen him growing as a leader and that inspired me.

Pruthwiraj Lenka, General Manager, R&D & Multi Project Management, Osram (India)
Pruthwiraj Lenka, General Manager, R&D & Multi Project Management, Osram (India)

An urge to become people’s manager helped me to pursue my Masters in Business Administration from IIM, Kolkata. Mr Ratnam, business head with Philips Lifestyle, was my mentor then. He had made his team so strong that they were ever ready to accept challenges. I wanted to be like him—an inspiration and a role model to my team.

In 2014 I joined Osram. Again, I was under a man of wisdom and wit. Tony had all the capabilities to complete projects on time, and he was a perfectionist.

On joining Osram I wondered why a company like Osram does not have any government tender. But I had faith in me and knowledge about the nitty-gritty of electronics and components. Thus, within a year I was able to bag an LED-bulb government tender worth a million rupees.

So believe in yourself and be ever ready to take initiatives. Rest perseverance creates wonders in life. A positive approach never fails you. We are like shares in the market. Better the stock value, more are the investors. So, instead of comparison, start building up yourself, so that people recognise you and value you.

I look forward to becoming someone who is looked upon as a role model for the coming generations. Although I don’t have any plans to be an entrepreneur, I am definitely in if some day Osram wants me to be the CEO of the company!

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