Friday, September 29, 2023

PCB Design Jobs in 2017: Engineers Have Lots To Cheer About

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With Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) being the foundation of electronics innovations, it is only natural that this sector offers plentiful jobs to fresh electronics engineers who are now graduating by the thousands with each passing year. Now, at this juncture, it is also worth understanding that PCB Design engineering is one domain that has fallen prey to rumor mills which have gone on record to state that the segment has saturated and thereby witnessing comparatively lesser PCB design jobs of late.

However, in a bid to obtain clarity on the scope of PCB Designing in changed circumstances, we spoke to experts and industry insiders who offered detailed insights on aspects of PCB Design ranging from the exact roles & responsibilities for engineers, career prospects, to pay packages to expect for fresher engineers.

What do you do as PCB Design engineers?

“Foremost, understand that as PCB Designers, you are actually indulging in research & development (R&D) of different engineering circuits that have to drive larger innovations,” states Robin Matthews who works as a senior PCB Design engineer at a Bengaluru-based multinational firm. Robin advises prospective engineers to master the art of conceptualisation and engineering design as these are skills that cannot be compromised with.

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As PCB Designers, engineers get to master & use specialised software tools that are used for designing the boards. Here, it is vital to understand that every board should be created to meet accurate technical specifications; also, the correct functioning of these designed boards should be demonstrated under varying conditions.

Typically, PCB Designers (also known as PCB Design engineers in some firms) get to spend their time, within manufacturing units (most popular) and also within air-conditioned cabins at large MNCs, engrossed in designing.

After finalising on the design, PCB designers then interconnect the different components of the circuit to complete the design and ensure that the circuit is fully working. If not, modifications are immediately effected.


  1. Its better dont come in to this field and struck in u r carrier and struggle for money after 5 years experiance its same even after completing u r 20 years experience maximum it may reach up to 15laks and you never become manager in this thats all but in other fields its different .


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