Friday, June 9, 2023

JOB: Power Electronics Design Engineer At Innotec Power

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Location: Faridabad

Company: Innotec Power

About the job

We are looking for Electronics Design Engineer with an interest in power electronics, EVs, robotics, and automation. The ideal candidate wants to work with their hands, putting together test boards, working on developmental projects, and doing firmware programming.

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We are looking for passionate electronic candidates who believe they have the ability to create, test, and validate designs.

Looking for interest in firmware and hardware for power electronics

  • Experience with Arduino or Raspberry Pi would allow quick demonstration of ability.
  • Working knowledge of C++
  • Knowledge of creating Schematics, BOM, and Gerber files
  • Knowledge of power electronics and design considerations

We will design the position, projects, and responsibilities around the right candidate. Example projects:

  • Test reference design boards for motor controllers and converters. Adjust designs or build from scratch new design concepts
  • Automate testing equipment and data gathering and collection for EV test setups
  • Build out hybrid/EV equipment wiring harnesses and intelligence
  • Adjust programming in existing motor controllers for purpose-built EV equipment

Experience in these will help you excel with us

  • Motor Controllers
  • Buck Converters
  • Voltage Regulation



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