Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Product Test Engineer At Feng

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Feng

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We are looking for an experienced Product and test engineer for our Timing/RF group. As PTE you will be responsible for developing the test program through different phases right from initial samples delivery to final production release.


  • Should be technical and hands on in test program development and debug.
  • Develop test hardware schematics, efficiently assign resources for maximizing the multisite testing.
  • Develop characterisation program and generate final characterisation report indicating all the datasheet parameters variability across skews and temperatures.
  • Participate in yield analysis and generate limits.
  • Release final production program to OSAT and monitor yield
  • Work closely with OSAT for yield enhancement and test time optimization.
  • Should be able to analyse low yield, identify the root cause and to provide innovative solutions.
  • Work closely with reliability engineers to develop Reliability hardware.
  • Create drift reports after reliability and fine tune the production based on the drift.
  • Should have good knowledge in usage of bench equipment such as voltage source, Frequency generators, spectrum analysers and oscilloscope.



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