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Samsung Partners With BITS Pilani To Upskill Employees In AI, ML

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The program will facilitate advanced learning for its employees at Samsung R&D Institute (SRI) in Noida

Samsung India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with engineering institute BITS Pilani to facilitate advanced learning for its employees at Samsung R&D Institute (SRI) in Noida. The programme will be fully sponsored by Samsung.

Career development

The program is intended to offer employees an opportunity to synergise theory with practice on a sustained basis and to enhance their academic qualification. As part of the initiative, Samsung employees can pursue MTech in Software Systems to further upgrade their skills. The course consists of three semesters of theory work and one semester of dissertation.

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The curriculum of the course has been decided in alignment with SRI-Noida’s focus on research and skill-development in niche areas such as machine learning, cloud computing, data mining, data Structure, algorithms design and artificial intelligence. The course will help strengthen the technical knowledge of employees while giving them a career development opportunity.

BITS Pilani’s Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP)

Every year a batch of 35 employees from SRI-Noida will be sponsored for this two-year MTech programme. All classes will be conducted on the SRI-Noida campus.

The company are very excited about this partnership both in terms of upskilling employees of SRI-Noida and to develop a globally competitive talent pool. BITS Pilani’s Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP) are designed to integrate academic content with the requirements of the workplace and are conducted with the same level of rigour as the programme offered on campus. SRI-Noida has an existing MoU with Delhi Technological University (DTU) for MTech and PhD since 2011. The R&D centre has developed several India specific innovations such as popular S-Bike Mode, Ultra Data Saving Mode, Social Camera, S Secure and S Power Planning.


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