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CHIP development board

Choosing The Right Embedded Development Board

Development and prototype boards are computer boards that are used to develop or test electronic modules. These are used to evaluate programs for embedded devices such as controllers, point-of-sale (PoS) terminals,...

3D Printer For Hobbyists And Small Industries

The process of making a three-dimensional (3D) solid object from a digital file is known as 3D printing or additive manufacturing. A 3D object is created through an additive process, which...

Microcontroller Development Boards

Time-to-market is one of the most important parameters for any product’s success. It matters most for first-of-a-kind products and the companies are putting in great effort to reduce it. Design and...

Best Online Stores for Robot Makers

With the growing number of robotics enthusiasts & makers in India, the number & chains of online stores dealing in robotics are also expanding. Here I try to shed some light...

Chip Talk Electronics Components based DIY Kit From KitsNspares

When you google around or search in Amazon you will find a lot of electronics components based kits at competitive and quite surprising prices. Yes, I am talking about those ₹ 500/-...

IoT Development Boards For DIYers And Electronics Enthusiasts

Equipped with features such as inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth along with impressive memory and processing speeds When it comes to selecting a suitable development board for your IoT project, DIYers and electronic...

Selecting the Right Sensors for Industrial Applications

There is a very wide variety of industrial sensors available in the market, and selecting the right sensor for an application can be challenging. Industrial sensors cover almost all the sensor categories...

Choosing The Right LED COB

Why is the LED lighting industry abuzz with light emitting diode chips on boards (LED bBs)? What makes these the current favourite? Which applications are these good for and for which...

Cellphone Signal Boosters for Your Office

Mobile signal booster are often used to overcome network issues inside office premises. Network unavailability might be caused due to the infrastructure or the location. With so many options of network...
Temperature Controlled Soldering Stations

Temperature Controlled Soldering Stations

Cheap unregulated soldering irons do not have any kind of thermal regulation. These directly plug into the wall socket and heat up to a high temperature while sitting in the holder....

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