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Block diagram of Access Control System

Basic Installation Of Access Control System

This article describes the basic installation of an RFID and password-based access control system. Access control systems allow only the authorised persons to enter or exit the premises. An access control...

3W/6W audio amplifier using TDA2003

This is a simple audio-frequency (AF) amplifier using the popular audio amplifier IC TDA2003. The IC comes in a 5-pin TO-220B package. Audio amplifier circuit and working Fig. 1 shows the circuit diagram...
Multimedia Speaker circuit

PC Multimedia Speaker

This is a circuit for USB compatible low cost and low power multimedia speakers for PC.

Automatic Water Dispenser

A branded automatic water dispenser is usually expensive. So, a relatively low-cost do-it-yourself solution is presented here. It is a portable general-purpose automatic water dispenser perfectly suitable for homes to wash...

Build Your Own Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Power Amplifier

Here is a simple hi-fi audio stereo power amplifier based on TDA2616 IC. This amplifier works on two 12V batteries or one ±12V AC/DC adaptor. The circuit can deliver 2x12-watt output...

Water Overflow Alarm

This water overflow alarm is built around two BC547 transistors and two 555 timer ICs
Cell Phone Jammer

How to Build: Cell Phone Jammer

Cell phone jammer is an electronic device that blocks transmission of signals between a cell phone and a base station. By using the same frequency as a mobile handset, the cell phone...
Chant Player Circuit

Chant Player

Chanting combines singing and music with mantras. The sweetness of chanting stills the mind, dissolves worries and opens the heart. Chanting forms an integral part of the practice schedule at siddha...

Mini Fridge With Peltier Modules

It was in the middle of 1821 when J.T. Seebeck discovered that if two dissimilar metals connected at two different points are held at different temperatures, a microvoltage develops. This phenomenon...

Audio Mixer With Multiple Controls

When recording sound from several orchestral instruments being played by different musicians using a single microphone, the only way to adjust the sound balance is to change the position of the...

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