DIY: Solar USB Charger

In this project, the author is going to make a solar USB charger by using various components like small solar panels, twin AA batteries holder, two rechargeable batteries and a standard...

Basic Tutorial: Solar Panel & Charge Controller

In this video tutorial, the presenter will show you how solar panels are wired up, why bypass and blocking diodes are necessary when working with them and how we can get...

Next-generation Solar Power Technology (Part 1 of 2)

The sun blesses the earth with enough energy in one hour—4.3x1020 joules—to fulfill all of our energy needs for a year (4.1x1020 joules). Its giant bombardment of free and non-carbon-emitting energy...

Solar Rooftop PV Plant Installation

A guide to starting solar rooftop installation business in India The Indian government has set its sights on having 175GW of non-hydro renewable capacity (made up of 60GW onshore wind, 60GW utility-scale...

How To Make A Wireless Sensor Node?

In many applications, harvesting of ambient energy sources becomes a necessity.  Wireless sensor nodes are thus becoming increasingly widespread these days for monitoring and recording parameters like temperature, humidity and pressure at diverse...

How To Calculate The Maximum Power Output From A Solar Panel?

This video demonstrates calculating the maximum power output from a solar panel and discusses determining the optimum resistive load for a solar panel. Video Courtesy: ScienceOnline

Solar-Energy Systems

‘Solar’ is the Latin word for ‘sun.’ Solar energy from sun gives life to earth and its creation. Besides this, solar energy can also be successfully utilised for various applications such...

Renewable Energy: From Sugar-Powered Battery to Clean Tech Inspired by Butterflies

This story begins just like any other—with a problem. There are way too many electrical and electronic appliances and devices in the world today. Engineers are trying to reduce the power...

Charging Batteries With Solar Power Using MPPT Controller

A solar charge controller prevents overcharging of batteries from solar panels. It functions by regulating the voltage and current coming from the solar panels and going to the batteries. To increase...

Modernise Your Living With Solar

Today, lifestyle is changing at a very fast pace, while accepting ways to save energy. However, using grid electricity is not the solution as it is too costly. Electricity generation is...

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