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wet electronics

Salvage Techniques For Wet Electronics

Though we all know that we should not drop electronic devices in water but wetting of electronic devices does happen accidently. Dropping a cellphone or iPod into a pool, or spilling...

Highly Intuitive GNSS Receiver Evaluation Software

Equipped with advanced features, the software improves the overall positioning performance to offer enhanced user experience Offering highly intuitive interface and boosting global navigation satellite system (GNSS)-based services is the new evaluation...

What Is A Piezoelectric Sensor?

A piezoelectric sensor, also known as a piezoelectric transducer, is a device that uses the piezoelectric effect to measure changes in pressure, acceleration, temperature, strain or force by converting these into...
GSM Module

All You Wanted to Know About GSM Module and GPRS Module

Before we get into what a GSM module is, let us get our fundamentals right and understand what GSM and GPRS are. A GSM module or a GPRS module is a chip or...
circuit projects ideas

11 Awesome Circuit Project Ideas!

From our collection of circuit projects, we bring to you a list of 11 popular ones to help you out! Enjoy! 1. Handy Tester For beginners, here is a low-cost multitester that can...
LCD working

What Is LCD?

Liquid Crystal Display or LCD is a flat, electronic device generally used as a screen in televisions, computers, smartphones and display signs for producing still and movable images. As the name goes,...
electronic devices and theory

Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory

Here is a presentation on Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory. This presentation covers, Semiconductor Diodes Diodes Diode Characteristics Semiconductor Materials Doping p-n Junctions Diode Operating Condition Actual Diode Characteristics Majority an...

Q Factor and its Relevance in Electrical Circuits

The quality factor or 'Q' of an inductor or tuned circuit is often used to give an indication of its performance in an RF or other circuit. Values for quality factor...

Deep Learning Enables Fast System Development For ADAS Applications

New software development kit (SDK) is an easy-to start and use development framework for the R-Car V series SoCs Automakers are increasingly relying on deep learning to enable smart camera applications and...

What Factors In Chargers Affect Battery Charging Speed and How mAh Decide Battery Charging?

Simple battery chargers supply constant direct current (DC) or pulsed DC power source to the battery being charged. Battery charging and discharging speeds are sometimes denoted as C or C-rate, which...

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