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Future Tech Project Ideas


A tile design that eliminates the wiring and electric socket outlets from the wall. The powerTile creates the bridge of connection of power source while the power tile itself is capable of transferring the electricity wirelessly without the need of an electric socket. The lights and chargers can stick with the wall and power is automatically transferred through the wall.

Battery-Free IoT Sensor Tag

smart sensors with energy harvesting circuits that harvest the energy from wifi and radio signals and incident lights and the same energy to work and transfer the sensor data to the central IoT device.

Energy Harvesting Wearable device

A smart wearable device that can monitor health, and measure footsteps and alert on phone tell time but need no battery. The device harvests the energy when we move our hand when we walk and do gestures with our hand and also harvest energy from incident light and the whole watch works on the same energy. The watch charges more if used more unlike other watches it works opposite more you use more it gets charged.

Smart Goggles

A smart google glass with Ai that can combine the real-world picture and virtual reality and data and help you to see the virtual part on an overlay of the real part like IRON man glass. Glass can take voice commands and give data to our eye like IRONMAN.

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Smart AI Glass For Visually Impaired

The smart glass works as an assistant device for the visually impaired person and do real-time processing of Image and recognize the objects and person nearby and then with help of lidar it tells the distance between the objects also readouts outs the books and signboards for visually impaired person.

Smart Cooking Robot

A robot chef that can perfectly cook food and prepare your dinner and breakfast for you and your family. The robot has all the recipe set in its memory and the ingredients are stored in the robot compartment and whenever you ask the robot to prepare the dish it heats the pan and then prepares the recipe for you as programmed.

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A smart f=robot that do farm for you, it digs the land and sow seeds monitors the plant and remove weeds do watering and spray fertilizers and does live analysis regarding your planted crop and soil status. Helps to Improve the health of plat and using Ai it figure the crop type and soil and get more production from the plans and updates its all task t=in real-time on your phone.



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