Tuesday, April 23, 2024

5 Awesome Arduino DIY Projects From The Internet

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Looking for a brilliant DIY project idea for your Arduino? For the crafty geeks out there, here we bring 5 inspirations you can choose from. Infact to help you out, few of these videos even carries the supportive codes. Happy DIYing!

1. Laser Harp Fully Functional


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As mentioned in the intro of the video, “The harp is driven by an Arduino (Boarduino varation) and connected to the impOSCar VSTi software synthesizer, the TAOS sensor array sits on the floor in it’s own stand. The array above the harp is just made up of fs mirrors for added p’zazz.”

2. DIY $200 Robotic Hand – Arduino Project


Designed by Aaron Thomen this robotic hand and the controller was built in less then $200. To see how this was created, below are the instructions:

Instruction for building the hand
Instruction for building the controller

3. Fran’s Projects: Do It Yourself Arduino Firefly Jar with the Atmega328


Fran Blanche in this shows an overview of this project which was created with the ATmega328 microcontroller. The video shows how to upload the Arduino code with use of an UNO R3 board plus how to transfer the programmed microcontroller (ATmega328) to the dedicated breadboard.

Read more about this project and get the arduino code and schematic here: Do It Yourself Digital Fireflies

4. Rotary Encoder Tutorial with Arduino Code


This video by Kevin Darrah shows how to create a rotary encoder with Arduino code. The below mentioned tutorial carries the Arduino Code, the Processing Code, encoder Used in Video.

Here’s the tutorial: Rotary Encoder Tutorial

5. DIY Arduino Robot with Arduino Code


The video shows a home made DIY autonomous crawling robot by Josef Holmner. The video is well explained for those inspired for the DIY.


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