Friday, March 31, 2023

A Man-Portable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

IdeaForge’s Netra, an unmanned aerial vehicle built in collaboration with DRDO, has now been commercialised and is being bought by various law enforcement and defence agencies. This article delves deeper into this indigenous innovation. -- Ashwin Gopinath

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But thanks to some innovative thinking and hard work, we have been able to navigate all the challenges easily.”

Future plans
The team at IdeaForge says that the product has been commercialised and that they have already started selling Netra to various law enforcement and defence agencies. When asked about their plans to increase the features of the UAV, Vipul Joshi, COO, responded, “We keep improving the product at every opportunity. We have improved its flight time from 25 minutes plus to 30 minutes plus, its range from 1.5 km to 2.5 km, and so on. We are planning to enhance these basic parameters even further as well as offer a host of new image processing features in the next avatars of the UAV. We work very hard here to make sure this idea gets as awesome as we hope.” Certainly, EFY readers would wish them the same.

The author is a tech correspondent at EFY Bengaluru



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