Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Security That Helps Organisations Adapt To IoT With Confidence

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Security systems are extremely advanced in some areas of application, as much as there are vulnerabilities in others. Redinent Innovations, a Bengaluru based startup, aims to change this and establish security tools for CCTV cameras and unmanaged IoT devices, which are often exposed to cyber-attacks.

The founders of Redinent Innovations, L to R: Cdr K. Arun (Co-Founder, COO), Arko Dhar (Co-Founder, CTO), and Divyanshu Verma (Co-Founder, CEO)

As the number of IoT devices deployed by businesses grows every day, so do the cyber threats to them. As a result, businesses risk losing their privacy, security, and brand value in the market if they fall victim to IoT based cyber-attacks. Hence, Redinent’s technology is a much-needed advancement.

“Redinent Innovations helps organisations protect their CCTV and other IoT devices against cyber-attacks,” says Divaynshu Verma, Co-Founder and CEO of Redinent Innovations. “We offer a platform that helps organisations mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks on their IoT infrastructure, especially CCTV cameras.”

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According to studies, the number of connected IoT devices has already outnumbered the world’s population. Unfortunately, the threat to IoT devices is increasing exponentially, since not much security is built into IoT devices. This is a field that is quite challenging since it requires extensive knowledge of protocols, embedded architecture, threat modeling, and near-real-time decision-making.

This is where Redinent’s Threat Scanner comes into the picture. Redinent’s threat scanning platform is a deep tech innovation that opens a whole new business strategy and opportunity around IoT device security. The technology is heavily influenced by the practices of the defense and security industry and uses some of the best TTPs of cyber defense. “This technology stack inside Redinent acts as a protective backbone to secure the IoT deployments inside enterprise,” says Arko Dhar, Co-Founder and CTO of Redinent Innovations.

“Redinent is easy to deploy and is truly cloud scalable, which means that organisations which have multi-location operations can use Redinent Scanner centrally to secure their CCTV and IoT endpoints,” says Cdr K. Arun, Co-Founder and COO of Redinent Innovations. “It covers the maximum number of threat scenarios and the widest range of CCTV/IoT brands, apart from evaluating all the brand-agnostic features at the protocol level itself,” explains Verma.

The company uses patented threat detection algorithms to discover threats at multiple levels inside endpoint devices and also helps to remediate these threats. With such a solution, organisations will be able to evaluate the vulnerabilities in their IoT/CCTV devices and close them before a cyber-attack can take place.

The solution is already commercially ready. “We are fortunate enough to get very early access to some of the largest brands as our customers and partners. Within a span of five months, we had airports, power plants, SEZs, hospitality and resorts, rail networks, and banks as our clients,” says Verma.

Redinent’s first customer breakthrough came within two weeks of launch, and they had their first five customers within just 120 days of launch! The company has also raised capital funding from angel investors and is in talks with investors to raise further funds.

Today, Redinent is looking to increase its product footprint at critical infrastructure institutions across the globe and increase its revenue base significantly. Consequently, the company is hiring top talent resources with expertise in security and IoT-related product development, UX professionals, and automation engineers.

For a company that was founded a little over a year ago—right in the middle of a pandemic—Redinent has come a long, long way. Surely, it is safe to say that Redinent Innovations is building a strong foundation for IoT security in India and abroad.


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