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600V DC Relay For High-Capacity HESS

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OMRON Corporation has launched “G9KB”, a high voltage DC relay for high-capacity household electricity storage systems. The G9KB can be used in Home Energy Storage System (HESS) to safely cuts off the direct current and improve the safety and efficiency of the HESS. The module is suitable for 600 VDC / 50A.

G9KB relay

The growing demand for decarbonized society has led to higher adoption of renewable energy and energy storage products. Hence, the capacity of the energy storage system has been drastically growing to store energy generated by the solar power generation system. In order to increase the capacity and safety of all the products, it is necessary to downsize the components and make them more reliable.

According to the company, the module employs the arc cut-off technology and the new 3D arc simulation technology created by industry-academia collaboration, the relay handles the charging of electricity storage system, switching control and safe cut-off of the direct current which runs during discharging. The company also says that it has established a method to analyse the safe cut-off process of the high voltage DC, and also have been able to achieve downsizing and weight reduction of the product. The downsizing has been made possible as the 600 V high voltage system, DC switching control and safe cut-off have been achieved with one relay.

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Main Features of G9KB                                                               

  • Connecting and disconnecting 600 VDC/50A
  • Safety standards (UL60947-4-1, EN61810-10) are required for solar power generation system components and electricity storage system components acquired.

Specifications of G9KB

Item G9KB
Contact Configuration 1a
Contact Gap >3.6 mm
Contact Resistance ≤5 mΩ*5
Rating 600 VDC/50A (Resistance load)
Electric Service Life ±2,000 times at rated load (Switching frequency:
(Resistance Load) 1 second ON – 9 seconds OFF at 85°C, 25 to 75% RH)
The recommended voltage of Zener diode is 3 times that of the rated voltage.
Main Contact Polarity None
Mechanical Service Life 1,000,000 times (Switching frequency: 10,800 times/h)
Coil Voltage 12 VDC / 24 VDC (Hold voltage: 45 to 60%)
Coil Power Consumption Approx. 2.8 W (Hold voltage: At 45%: 0.57W)
Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C
Size L 50.5 x W 37.0 x H 50.5 mm
Terminal PCB
Structure Flux resistant
Safety Standard UL60947-4-1, EN61810-10, CQC


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