Sunday, June 23, 2024

Easier CAN Evaluation with Fault Protected Transceivers

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element14 has added the fault protected CAN transceivers with flexible data-rate from Texas Instruments to its product portfolio. These CAN transceivers work with the TI CAN evaluation board to perform CAN (controlled area network) evaluation. This includes the load and termination settings required for electronic design engineers looking to evaluate CAN transceiver operation and performance in factory and building automation, smart grids, automotive infotainment and advanced driver assist systems, communications infrastructures and more.

The TCAN1042 CAN transceiver family meets the requirements of ISO11898-2 high speed CAN physical layer standard. It also has simple connections to the TCAN1042DEVM evaluation board, which is equipped with the necessary jumpers for flexible device pin and CAN bus configuration. All devices are designed for use in CAN FD networks up to 5 Mbps.

The transceiver comes equipped with a list of user features and advantages:

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Protection features: ESD protection of bus pins, under voltage protection on supply pins, thermal shutdown protection, TXD and RXD receiver with dominant time out

Differentiators: High temperature +125 degrees Celsius, AEC-Q100 qualified, board space saving

Advantages: Common mode choke not required (per OEM), wide VCC range (4.5V to 5.5V) for start and stop without boost, wide I/O voltage level adapting reduces external components, extended bus-fault protection supporting 48V systems, hot swap support with glitch-free bus I/O on power up and down, industry standard packaging (P2P compatible)

The TI fault protected CAN transceivers with flexible data-rate are available from AUD$1.21 at element14 in Asia Pacific.



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