Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Cloud-Connectable Discovery Kit Puts More Stuff On-Board for Fast IoT Development

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Building a Cloud-connectable IoT device can be a bear. Choosing the hardware can be the easy part; integrating all of the pieces and writing (and debugging) all the device drivers takes a lot more time. The STM32 Discovery kit IoT node was developed to eliminate much of that time-consuming effort and get makers and developers focused faster on adding value to their applications.

The IoT kit leverages ST’s X-CUBE-AWS expansion software to help users quickly connect to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT platform–support for other Cloud providers is in development. Cloud access makes available tools and services including device monitoring and control, data analysis, and machine learning that don’t need to be replicated and supported locally.

The kit brings the Cloud down to the node via on-the-board modules for Bluetooth® low energy (BLE), sub-GHz[1] RF, Wi-Fi, and a dynamic NFC-tag IC with printed antenna. These connect to a high-performance, ultra-low power STM32L4 microcontroller on the same board. And as they say on late-night TV commercials, “But Wait. There’s more.”

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Again, with the aim of accelerating development and encouraging a focus on value-added development, ST has put a comprehensive suite of sensors on the board. These sensors represent ST’s industry-leading portfolio of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) and laser-ranging devices to support both user interaction and environmental awareness. The sensors include a MEMS accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer for 9-axis motion sensing, a barometric pressure sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, two omnidirectional digital microphones, and a FlightSense™ proximity and gesture sensor. These are supported via free-to-use drivers and algorithms in the X-CUBE expansion software and all are ready to use.

The sensor-loaded Cloud-Connectable STM32 Discovery kit IoT node runs from an 80MHz STM32L475 32-bit microcontroller. This MCU combines an ARM® Cortex®-M4 core featuring DSP extensions, 1MB on-chip Flash, and our ultra-low-power technologies so you can build smart IoT devices on a tight power budget. The combination of MCU performance with rich sensor and wireless integration on the board maximizes the Discovery kit’s utility, while additional custom functionality may be added using the industry-standard Arduino and Pmod™ expansion connectors. These two established ecosystems give access to a large selection of expansion boards, which can be quickly connected and easily integrated.

Equipped with the ST-Link debugger/programmer on-board, the STM32L4 Discovery kit IoT node does not need any external probes, and can be used with ARM® Keil® MDK-ARM, IAR™ EWARM, or GCC/LLVM-based Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) including free AC6 SW4STM32, or with mbed™ online tools.

The Cloud-Connectable STM32L4 Discovery kit IoT node is ready to order now from or distributors, at a recommended price of $53.00 (part number B-L475E-IOT01A1 for 915MHz operating frequency, or B-L475E-IOT01A2 for 868MHz operating frequency).



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