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Improve Digital Support of Battery Charging and DC-DC Conversion Applications with New Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Controllers from Microchip

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MCP19124/5 contains independent voltage and current control loops; plus a full suite of configurable performance parameters

3 October 2016, New Delhi, [NASDAQ: MCHP] — A new digitally enhanced power analog (DEPA) controller designed to regulate current, regulate voltage, and monitor temperature is now available from Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions. The device improves digital support for battery charging and is ideal for DC-DC conversion in server, consumer, industrial and automotive applications160219-WPD-DIAG-RN4870-71-7x5The MCP19124/5 handles configurable charging algorithms for any chemistry, with capabilities for cell balancing and super capacitor charging. No other single-chip battery charging solution can be configured with any desired charging profile, for any battery chemistry, voltage, or cell arrangement. Users may develop their own unique charging methods and implement them as well. Any voltage, current, temperature, or duration can be used to trigger a transition to a new portion of the charge profile. These devices are also well suited for any DC-DC application requiring tight voltage or current regulation; capable of supporting flyback, boost, SEPIC, or Cuk topologies.

Benefits of the MCP19124/5 include:

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  • A unique combination of independent voltage and current control loops. Either the current control loop can regulate to a specified target current, or the voltage control loop can regulate to a target voltage. Each analog control loop has a separate feedback network for independent pole-zero placement, and the ability to perform zero cross detection for quasi-resonant operation.
  • The ability to dynamically switch from a voltage target to a current target, or vice-versa, by switching between the two control loops. The internal architecture insures this transition is monotonic, without glitching or transient events. This control configuration even allows for pre-positioning of the output voltage at open or no load conditions, greatly minimising transients when a load is applied.
  • A full suite of configurable, adjustable performance parameters. These parameters are set in the internal registers of the device (no external components required) and the settings are dynamically adjustable during operation.
  • Integrated linear regulator, MOSFET drivers, 8-bit PIC  microcontroller core, analog to digital converter, precision oscillator, and analog control loops for a compact solution.

“Smarter, more capable battery charging solutions have become vitally important for our customers,” said Keith Pazul, director of marketing for Microchip’s Analog, Power, and Interface Division. “Customers have been asking for the ability to run their own proprietary battery charging profiles in compact, customisable charge circuits; and now they can. This is the most flexible, most capable single chip charging solution on the market today.”



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