Thursday, April 25, 2024

Advanced Elemental Analysis for Metal Producing and Fabricating Plants

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SPECTRO Analytical Instruments’ new elemental analyzer for metal composition testing is faster and more accurate.

Product testing is one of the most crucial parts of any manufacturing process. Products consisting of any metal trace are always needed to be verified when it comes to the composition factor. It is necessary to obtain this as it is required to understand its working at micro level and understand what impact it makes to the final product.

OES Analyzer Courtesy of SPECTRO Analytical Instruments

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has introduced a faster, more accurate and an advanced analytical machine for metal producing and fabricating industries. The SPECTROMAXx LMX10 ARC/SPARK OES analyser provides precise results for in-process to final-product providing certainty for supply.

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The LMX10 is the newest version of SPECTROMAXx, an arc/spark optical emission spectrometry (OES) analyzer. It delivers outstanding repeatability, reproducibility, and reliability in material control analyses. SPECTROMAXx provides ultrafast information on changing process conditions with reduced cost of ownership and lower consumables. The analyzer features SPECTRO’s proprietary iCAL 2.0 calibration logic, which requires only 5 minutes and a single sample per day — and automatically compensates for most changes in environmental temperature or pressure. While other standard instruments consume over 30 minutes for the same.


  • New Analytical Performance: The LMX10 has completely new factory calibrations; extended calibration ranges and element selections; optimized source excitation parameters; and improved limits of detection (LODs).
  • New Argon Cost Savings: Allows total shutdown of argon flow during standby for periods configurable by the operator, providing even greater savings in consumables costs.
  • Increased Ease of Use: Provides routine, trouble-free analysis of 10 matrices, 65 methods, and 59 elements via convenient controls for operation; easy access for use and maintenance; and enhanced software features such as quick-check programs, virtual type standards, and spectrum scans.
  • Easy-To-Use SPECTRO’s SPARK ANALYZER Pro Software: Provides effortless operation with application profiles tailored to preset user requirements; automatic program selection of sub-methods for given materials; spectra storage for later recalculations; multiple data export formats; and software-only upgrades for new lines, methods, or matrices.
The SPECTROMAXx comes in two models, Basic and Advanced, both consisting of CMOS sensors but the advance feature an additional UV optic that handles a lower spectral range, from 120 nm to 235 nm. Additional support includes SPECTRO PROTEKT secure global remote monitoring, proactive performance maintenance, performance upgrades, applications solutions, consultation, targeted training, and ongoing support.


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