Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Cost-Effective and Portable Device For Monitoring Indoor Air Quality

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Alerts users when present indoor air conditions may increase the risk of exposure to airborne viral transmission

As per research conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado, the air that we breathe while indoors carries an increased risk of airborne viral transmission. 

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With the re-opening of public spaces including schools and restaurants after extended periods of lockdown along with rising pollution levels, the possibility of becoming ill and acquiring severe defects that can damage human health persist.

With this in mind, Honeywell has introduced a new, cost-effective technological solution that monitors the indoor area for any viral contaminants that pose a health risk. When detected, users are alerted about the unhealthy indoor air conditions. 

The Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor is an easy-to-deploy, portable device that measures indoor carbon dioxide concentration levels and features a proprietary risk alerting system based on the breathing rate of people present in a room conducting different activities. This allows end-users to proactively improve indoor ventilation, which according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, can help reduce the spread of certain diseases and decrease the risk of exposure among building occupants.

The device comes with three pre-programmed indoor activity settings: 

  • Low activity (movie theatres, libraries, and classrooms)
  • Medium activity (restaurants, offices, small clinics)
  • High activity (gyms, indoor arenas, recreation centres) and is recommended for coverage of 800-1000 square feet. 

For each setting, the monitor indicates a light pattern consisting of green, yellow or red, and an alarm so users can be aware of conditions that may increase the risk of airborne transmission based on detectable CO2 levels.

Features & Benefits:

  • Monitors carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity
  • Uses non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) sensor for more accurate monitoring
  • Sensor range of 400~2000 ppm
  • Humidity range of 0% – 90%
  • Three pre-programmed activity level settings (Low/Medium/High)
  • Traffic Light Visual Indication (Green/Yellow/Red) 
  • Sound Alert: one beep for medium alert; two beeps for high alert
  • Operating temperature range of 0 degree Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Small portable size and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use one-button setting
  • 6 hours charging time with 10 hours battery life using Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • 1-year limited product warranty
  • 80mm x 80mm x 22mm size
  • CEE, FCC, IC certifications

Important note: The Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor does not prevent or reduce virus transmission nor mitigate viruses that may be present, nor does it detect or warn against the presence of any virus, including but not limited to COVID-19. Even at lower risk levels caution is required to prevent viral transmission. The device does not repel or destroy any microorganisms, viruses, bacteria or germs.


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